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Land Reclamation in Alberta

Whether you manage petro chemical plant sites or oil pipeline shipping companies, you know how important it is to keep the environment around you safe for your employees and surrounding Albertan communities. To ensure your company remains safe for everyone around, you need a professional for land reclamation in Alberta.

Land reclamation is the process of taking land that has been contaminated or otherwise changed and returning it to the way it was before the change or damage. In Canada, land reclamation efforts are directed at land used for natural resource development, such as mining and oil operations. As these efforts often take up natural space, re-establishing a healthy and resilient forest ecosystem is important. Designed to help restore land from contamination and various unwanted changes, categories of our land reclamation in Alberta include:

  • Drainage: Drainage patterns on the reclamation site must be comparable to the surrounding environment.
  • Erosion: Any erosion on site should be comparable to the erosion of the surrounding area.
  • Stability: Stability of any slumping or mass consolidations on the worksite must be comparable to those off the worksite.
  • Bare areas: Any bare areas on the worksite must be comparable to any off of it.
  • Contour: Contours of geological structures on the worksite must match those off the worksite.
  • Amendments: Government assessments must occur two years after the amendment application is submitted.
  • Gravel and rocks: These must not impede operability on the worksite.
  • Debris: Debris should not impede any operability, though there are qualifications (native grasslands, forested lands, etc.).
  • Soil: Soil must be comparable to other soil in the area.
  • Vegetation: Any growth must be similar to that around it.

By using professional land reclamation in Alberta, you can make sure your business offers the best protection for its services. That way, you and your employees can continue your work without undue worry over safety concerns.

Soil Remediation in Alberta

Soil remediation is the process of decontaminating soils from sites such as gas stations, commercial, residential, and infrastructure properties in order to ensure protection for the environment as well as human health. It’s important to do soil remediation in places like Alberta to ensure the area is liveable, workable, and useable after its previous use.

Once it’s decided that soil remediation is needed, the best way of removing it is chosen based on a few factors:

  • Toxicity
  • Nature 
  • Origin of the contamination
  • Land Use
  • Physical and chemical characteristics of the soil
  • Present and potential hazard relating to the degree of contamination
  • Time available
  • Community acceptance
  • Cost benefit analysis

There are many different technologies available for remediation of contaminated soils, classified in three categories depending on the levels of the above factors:

  • Gentle in situ remediation
  • Harsh in situ soil restrictive measures
  • In situ or ex situ harsh soil destructive measures

The first allows for restoration of soil fertility for safe use whereas the other two are for the aversion of hazards to humans, plants, and animals.

Contact Us for Help with Land Reclamation in Alberta

The team at Precision Gradall is well equipped to complete land reclamation projects of all sizes. We have different types of reclamation equipment, including a disc, cultivator, roto spike, mower, seed broadcaster, tractor, and harrows. Our land reclamation services will help you manage environmental impacts at your place of work that were created by oil and gas exploration and production, industrial and manufacturing activities, transportation spills, and train derailments.

When you choose us for land reclamation, you can expect the highest safety standards as we are a member of the CORE program, Partnership in Health and Safety, the ISN Network Safety Program, and Avetta, so we know how to handle any land reclamation in Alberta with the proper care and techniques.

To get started on your land reclamation in Alberta today, contact us!

For more information, read our blog post on land reclamation.

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