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About Precision Pipeline Maintenance

Pipeline Maintenance Services in Alberta

Precision Pipeline Maintenance in Edmonton

Since 1990, Precision Gradall has been supplying Gradalls as the preferred excavator for pipeline projects. Early in 2000, it was a necessity to provide not only the Gradall but a competent lead hand to guide the equipment for all excavations/backfills around live lines.

Around 2010, it was apparent that customers preferred we handle all aspects of a pipeline integrity project, starting with the first call and then moving on to the use of hydro vacs for line locating, the Gradalls for excavations, the organization of sandblasting and coating of the pipe, and lastly the backfilling of the site for complete turnkey projects.

Precision Pipeline Maintenance was started in late 2015 to help new and existing customers understand that Precision Gradall was more than just a Gradall company. Pipeline maintenance is one of our main lines of work, and is a service that we are confident in performing because we have the necessary personnel and equipment to specialize in.

Over the years we have continually increased the number of projects we take on. As our work has grown, so has our team of professional and experienced crews, able to finish projects on time and on budget.

This is the reason Precision Pipeline Maintenance was started and as we move into the future, we'd like our customers to know that we're not just a rental company anymore — PPM is a company that can handle all of your pipeline integrity services in Edmonton.

We can provide all of the following for our customers:

  • Fully trained, professional crews
  • All integrity regarding existing pipelines
  • Hydro vac, first calls, sweeps, blasting, coating
  • Environmental remediation projects

Why Choose Hydrovac Contractors in Alberta?

When you choose to hire hydrovac contractors in Alberta, you’ll get a safer and more affordable alternative to digging through the conventional way. Hydrovac contractors in Alberta, like Precision Pipeline Maintenance, will help you easily carve a path through earth by injecting water into the ground through a hose that liquefies the soil. You can also have hydrovac contractors in Alberta use a fan system or a positive displacement blower, depending on your need for speed. A fan system moves huge amounts of air, which allows for faster excavations. and the blower moves air at a steady rate, which is not as fast but still reliable. 

Precision Pipeline Maintenance Is There for All Forms of Environmental Clean-Up in Alberta

Whether it’s hydro excavation or environmental remediation, Precision Pipeline Maintenance is here to help you with your environmental clean-up in Alberta. While environmental clean-up in Alberta or any other place is never easy, Precision Pipeline Maintenance can help you keep the process going smoothly with our experienced personnel and high-quality equipment. To learn more about our equipment, don’t hesitate to give us or a call or to check out our page displaying the equipment we typically use.

Once you’re ready to go ahead with your environmental remediation, contact us for a professional environmental clean-up in Alberta. We will be more than happy to support you.

Precision Pipeline Maintenance is a division of Precision Gradall Ltd. Precision Pipeline Maintenance was started out of the realization that that over the past 20 years this has become Precision’s main line of work. The demand has been to supply fully trained, experienced and professional crews for all energy-based projects which we have valuable experience in completing. Contact us for your pipeline maintenance in Alberta.

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