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Pipeline Integrity Digs

Assure Safety with Pipeline Integrity Digs in Alberta

Pipelines pass through many communities throughout Alberta and Western Canada; as such, it’s necessary to ensure the pipes are safe for people and the environment. Precision Pipeline Maintenance Ltd ensures this safety with pipeline integrity digs.

Our fully trained crews offer thorough, safe and efficient pipeline integrity digs that will evaluate potential problems and provide effective solutions. When your company is in need of a pipeline integrity dig to ensure the efficiency of your system and the safety of local communities, contact us to get the help of our professional and experienced team.

Pipeline Integrity Dig Process

If your company has acquired an inline inspection that has noted potential problems with your system, it’s very important to call a professional team to perform a pipeline integrity dig. To ensure you understand the process, we’ve outlined the steps of pipeline integrity digs below.

  1. Assessment – Before digging up any section of pipe, a dig site survey and environment assessment must be performed to locate a safe work perimeter as well as other pipelines and buried facilities. Based on this survey, a detailed dig drawing is provided that includes important items such as roads, site access and more. 
  2. Timeline – After the survey is completed and documented, a dig timeline is planned with your company and any permits necessary are obtained. 
  3. Excavation – Once the timeline has been developed, we carefully expose the pipe using hydro excavation/Mechanical Excavation/Hand exposing. We work to avoid accidental damage from digging equipment by adhering to strict safety requirements. 
  4. Inspection – Next, the pipe coating is removed and the pipe is examined using non-destructive methods. Anomalies and problems are then verified. 
  5. Repairs – Based on the inspection, we will perform any repairs that are necessary to ensure the safety of the local area and increase the efficiency of the pipeline. These could include adding/installing a sleeve (weld on) or as simple as recoating and backfill. 
  6. Restoration – After the repairs are completed and meet safety requirements, all areas are fully backfilled and reclaimed to its original status.


If private property is the location for our pipeline integrity dig in Alberta, we contact the landowner in advance of the dig to discuss access, timeline and other matters such as restoration of the dig site.


Optimize the Efficiency of Pipeline System

Regular pipeline maintenance in Alberta optimizes the efficiency of pipeline system. Precision Pipeline Maintenance Ltd offers a range of maintenance and repair services so that your system can maintain peak efficiency.

No matter what type of pipeline you run, from water and crude oil to refined substances, we have the skills and experience to maintain, clean or repair your system. Our fully trained and professional crews take pride in their work and focus on customer satisfaction, so contact us today to schedule our pipeline integrity dig services for any project that may require these skills.

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