Gradall Excavators

What are Gradall excavators used for?

The Gradall excavator is unlike other pieces of heavy construction equipment. Its unique boom makes it an extremely versatile machine that’s capable of handling all kinds of digging applications and greatly reducing the amount of manual labour required. Plus, it can be equipped with a number of attachments to make it suitable for an even wider range of applications. Keep reading to learn more about all the ways a Gradall can help your business.

Why choose a Gradall excavator?

An excavator is a type of heavy construction equipment that’s primarily used for digging and moving large amounts of material on construction sites. Its key parts include a boom and a cab attached to a rotating platform (the house), which sits on top of the tracks and wheels (the undercarriage). The boom extends outward from the house.

The boom on Gradall excavators is unique because it’s been engineered to articulate in a way that’s similar to a human arm with wrist action, allowing it to move up, down and side to side with ease. It provides continuous boom force throughout the complete dig cycle with a 220 or 360-degree tilt to handle fine grading and sloping.

Applications of Gradall
Gradall excavators are well suited for all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential building projects. Their power and versatility makes them the best choice for digging trenches and foundations and moving materials in even the most challenging of environments. They’re also ideal for demolition projects, material handling, brush cutting, mining, river dredging and even snow removal. At Precision Gradall, we offer a wide range of different models so you can find the perfect excavator to suit your needs.

Gradalll excavators can also be equipped with a variety of different attachments so that they can perform even more tasks. While most excavators have a bucket attached to the boom, other tools can be attached in its place to extend the machine’s capabilities. For instance, you can use a superboom to extend the reach and range of the machine by 18 feet or attach a jackhammer when using the excavator for heavy-duty applications like highway or bridge demolition, quarry work and hard rock mining.

Gradall excavator rental in Alberta
If you’re looking for a Gradall excavator in Edmonton or elsewhere in Alberta, get in touch with Precision Gradall. We specialize in the rental of fully operated and maintained Gradall equipment for industrial, commercial and residential construction projects across Alberta. To learn more, contact us today.