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How to Choose the Right Excavators for Your Job

After you have secured a new project, it is time to ensure that you have all the right equipment with you. An excavator is one of the most common pieces of equipment vital to many industries. Choosing the right excavator can be a tough job with all the various choices available. This is where the importance of Gradall rentals comes in.

Precision Gradall Ltd is a family-run business assisting clients in Alberta by providing high-quality excavators for over 20 years. We handle and finish projects of varying types and sizes on time, safely and within budget. 

In this blog post, we explain the factors to consider when selecting the right excavators for the job.

What Are the Factors to Consider?

There are many factors to consider while selecting an excavator for your project. First, you need to look at the dig depth and the reach. Bucket capacity, lift capacity, and weight are also important.
A miniature excavator is perfect for jobs that need a reduced footprint, such as fitting in small gaps between buildings or when the weight of the machine becomes an issue. Specialty excavators (mass excavators) offer maneuverability or extra power that may be needed to complete your project.
A demolition job that is mostly above horizontal plane work would require a high reach excavator.
Buckets, grapples, hammers, pulverizers and shears are the most popular attachments for excavators, although they must match with the excavator that’s being used.

Advantages of Gradall

At Precision Gradall Ltd, we offer Gradall rentals for all our clients as they offer various benefits over other wheeled excavators. A few of the benefits are listed below:

• Unmatched precise control
Many excavation jobs need a high level of precision, which is no problem for a Gradall. The upper structure telescopic boom of the equipment is designed to imitate the precise movements of the human arm. This provides superior control and significant reach.

• No need for any quick attachment changes
The reversible bucket design and mechanical quick-attach allow for fast attachment changes without any cutback in excavation forces. You can also switch between grinder, grapple, buckets and other attachments easily and quickly. 

• Maximum power at any boom angle
Gradall excavators provide the same high bucket digging forces at full reach and close range. This can make it more productive at your work area. No other excavator can match Gradall’s 220 degrees of boom tilt capacity.

• No need for outriggers
Outriggers are generally very difficult to handle while operating wheeled excavators. Gradall excavators do not need outriggers for stability, which can save a lot of your time and also boost your productivity. 

• Travelling at high speeds
Gradall highway speed excavators can be driven up to 95 km/h on highways. This will let you reach any site and get the job done on the same day. This can help improve your daily productivity because your equipment will be able to travel in conjunction with your crew. 

Let Us Help

Precision Gradall Ltd provides fully operated and maintained Gradall rentals for commercial, industrial and residential construction. Our technicians are very experienced in excavating around live lines, petrochemical plant sites and a variety of other services. Our services range from pipeline integrity digs to facility integrity services. 

For information on where Gradall rentals can be used, read our blog post - What are Gradall excavators used for?
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