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How can we work together to protect Alberta's ecosystem?

The development of primary industries has led to a bounty of profitable projects throughout the province. However, development can come at a great cost, which is why we need to work together to make environmental sustainability and land reclamation a priority in Alberta. Keep reading to learn more.

How does your project impact the natural environment? 

Some of the projects, situations and industries that have the greatest impact on the natural environment are those that include the extraction and transportation of natural resources. This could include projects like:

• Industrial activities
• Manufacturing activities
• Oil and gas exploration
• Oil and gas drilling and production

Any operation that requires excavation, drilling or transportation through an undeveloped natural area has the potential to result in environmental destruction. This is why it’s so important to minimize the negative impact of these types of projects through land reclamation.

Land reclamation
Land reclamation services involve removing contaminated earth and restoring the habitat around your worksite to its natural state. Land reclamation protocols ensure that certain specifications are met and that the land is returned to the same condition that it was in before the project started. There are land reclamation criteria for:

• Barren areas
• Drainage patterns
• Land contours
• Local vegetation
• Natural erosion
• Soil condition
• Soil stability
• And more

Land reclamation is key to reducing the environmental impact of the types of projects mentioned above, and also plays a key role in cases of unforeseen environmental contamination, like transportation spills or train derailments.

Soil remediation
Contaminated soil requires special attention and particular processes to restore the soil to its natural condition. The process required for the remediation depends on a number of factors including the natural habitat, the degree to which the soil is contaminated, the use of the land involved and a slew of other potential considerations. The technologies used likewise depend on the above criteria.

Reclamation experts servicing Alberta
At Precision Gradall, we’re invested in protecting the natural environment so that generation after generation can enjoy the same opportunities we do today. Our team has the training and the equipment needed to tackle reclamation projects of all sizes. Together, we can protect the land that has made all of Alberta’s most prosperous projects possible. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer, or to find out how we can work together to revitalize Alberta’s natural habitat through land reclamation and soil remediation. We have the solutions to all of your excavation and hyrdovac needs!