Gradall Excavators: Versatility at Work

When it comes to residential, industrial and commercial construction projects in Alberta, a Gradall excavator often proves to be a better choice than a conventional excavator. This is because a Gradall excavator has a boom, which is capable of up-down and side-to-side movement, much like a human arm and wrist. Precision Gradall Ltd has a fleet of Gradall excavators that are designed to help you get more jobs done faster. Once you've chosen Gradall rental in Alberta, we are confident that you'll continue to use Gradall excavators for future projects.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Gradall Excavator?

One of the main reasons our clients favour the Gradall excavator is for its ability to provide continuous boom force for the duration of the dig cycle, while at the same time sustaining a 220 or 360-degree tilt. This allows a Gradall to perform sloping and grading with ease. A Gradall is also the ideal piece of heavy machinery for excavation projects, such as ditching, pipeline integrity digs and plant maintenance.

Gradall rental in Alberta will provide you with true versatility. Because of their telescopic booms, Gradall models are great for applications which require exceptional push/pull capabilities, as well as for pick up and carry capabilities. A Gradall can lift from both sides and from the front and back, allowing it to easily pick up and carry heavy loads. The full-tilting boom is also capable of positioning attachments with utmost precision. With such versatility comes increased productivity.

Gradall excavators shine in many different locations where conventional excavators would be severely limited in movement. Because of its low-profile boom and short tail swing, a Gradall excavator can work in tight spaces, such as in tunnels, around buildings and under bridges, pipe racks, trees and overhead power lines. A Gradall allows for precision and manoeuvrability in just about any situation. Once the work is done, the telescoping boom is raised back over the carrier and does not hinder visibility during transport. This also provides for even weight distribution and enhanced transport stability.

Boom attachments further contribute to the versatility of a Gradall excavator. Whatever your unique needs are, there is likely a boom attachment that can help make your project easier. The superboom attachment, for example, can add an extra 18 feet of reach. You can also attach an auger, a compactor, a jackhammer, a grapple and many different types of buckets.

Gradall Excavator Rental in Alberta

If you're looking for ways to complete more construction projects on time and on budget in Alberta, then a Gradall excavator should be at the top of your list. Precision Gradall Ltd can provide you with a fully operated and maintained Gradall excavator for construction projects of any size. A family-run business that has been in operation for 20 years, Precision Gradall Ltd is committed to offering effective solutions and excellent customer service.

For more information on Gradall excavators or for Gradall excavator rental in Alberta, don't hesitate to contact Precision Gradall Ltd today.