Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

A Proud Member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

What Is The CCAB?

The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) helps strengthen Aboriginal communities, promotes progressive and prosperous relationships, and grows a new economy based on mutual respect and shared prosperity. The CCAB delivers programs that facilitate the growth of Aboriginal business, build relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal business, and ensure life-long learning for Aboriginal entrepreneurs, and other Canadian business leaders. These efforts recognize the central role that Aboriginal business and communities hold in the future of Canada.

What Does The CCAB Provide?
The CCAB provides business development strategies, including certification for Aboriginal-owned businesses (CAB) and companies with Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR). TFAB (Tools and Financing for Aboriginal Business) connects Aboriginal entrepreneurs with tools, training, and networks to strengthen and scale their businesses to the industry

What Does the CCAB Do?
CCAB builds bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, businesses, and communities through diverse programming, providing tools, training, network building, major business awards, and national events.

The importance of non-discriminant hiring practices and processes is a key part to a fair and just society in which all members have equal employment opportunities. Creating awareness is integral to ensuring a fair hiring process for all companies, no matter what race, ethnicity, or gender they support and consist of. Precision Gradall is a 100% Aboriginal-owned company that has been in operation since 1990. As a member of the CCAB, Precision Gradall is proud of its M├ętis heritage and strives to improve the Aboriginal image by offering professional services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.